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Knowledge is success and you determine how big the success is!

The future of a company arises from the heads and hearts of its employees. Companies are innovative if new ideas challenge familiar habits. If managers make room for the unconventional. If potentials are perceived, estimated, and continuously fostered a climate will grow for outstanding performance and productivity leading into the future.


"It is harder to crack a prejudice than an atom." Albert Einstein

"Phantasy is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited." Albert Einstein


Our formula for success is: Success = Knowledge + Willingness + Ability


According to this consulting principle we support you in the transformation of abilities into skills. Our focus is set on the sustainability of the success.

Ivan Studer
Founder, Owner

Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Lecturer
and Researcher for Leadership and Organizational Development

MAS Business Psychology, B.Sc. Economics & Electrical. Engineering

People can do more than they think, I am convinced of that.

We must be willing to forget know-ledge and experience to make room for the unexpected and the possibility to try something new.


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Donna Hemsley

Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Lecturer and for Leadership and Organizational Development

Graduate Economist, Certified Master Coach and Coaching Supervisor

To change things, you have to explore new paths and have the courage to question things constructively. What must remain and what should become new.


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Vivian Scherler

Trainer, Coach, Consultant for Leader-ship and Organizational Development,
& Lecturer and Sport Psychologist FSP

M.Sc. Expert Psychologist for Sport FSP and Performance and Sport Psychology 

My mission is to help people be more inspired by the actions of their leaders,
to dream and learn, to give more, and
to always evolve.


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Gerald Ziegler

"Enabler" of organizational and cultural development processes with passion and enthusiasm. A lateral thinker and visionary and committed future shaper for people & organizations.

Economical Engineer

My mission is to inspire people to unleash their potential and to open up spaces for organizations in which a new quality of working and doing business becomes possible.


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Peter Burkhalter

Business Consultant, Lecturer, Coach,
and Project Manager for Leadership and Organizational Development

EMBA in International Management and Trainer IANLP for Coaching

It is important to me to share my know-ledge and experience with others. I use my knowledge as a coaching tool to encourage and develop people, focusing on a sincere relationship.


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Stefan Hürlimann

HR Expert, Consultant, Trainer, Coach, and Mediator in the field of Leadership and Organizational Development

Business economist lic. oec. pupl., Exec. Master in HRM and Mediator (INMEDIO)

My approach integrates "hard" and "soft" factors, numbers and people (individuals, teams, organizations).

It is important to me to share my knowledge and experience with others.


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Marc Bleiker

Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Lecturer,

and Mediator for Leadership and Organizational Development

Business economist lic. oec. pupl. and mediator (INMEDIO)

I want to support individuals and teams to better use their potentials, so that they become more successful and enjoy their work.


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Gabrielle Schaffer

Trainer, Business/Performance Coach and Consultant in the field of Leadership and Organizational Development

Swiss certified Marketing Manager and HR Executive Prog. IAP Basel & Stanford

I place myself at the service of people and organizations with the purpose of shaping opportunity and possibility.

For me, the focus is on the appreciation of people with their talents and strengths.


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Trainer, Business/Performance Coach and Consultant in the field of Leader-ship and Organizational Development

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