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How to find the best and keep them
Find and foster the most suitable

In times of global competition, companies must have a clear notion of the skills and abilities that employees, leaders and managers need in order to fulfill their tasks and challenges they are responsible of.


We support decision makers in selection processes and give applicants detailed feedback on their potential and fields of improvement.The result is a productive and sustainable dialogue between both so that entrepreneurial and personal objectives can be reached. Our consulting services guarantee first class decisions, they give orientation and create a common language to continuously identify personal potential and possibilities of further development. 


Our work is based on a portfo lio of consolidated methods that are mostly available online, providing orientation for decisions and development processes. 

The methods
  • Individual and group assessment

  • 360° feedback

  • Career anchor

  • Personality / analysis of behavior

  • Behavioral Based Interviewing (BBI)


In accordance with our clients and in cooperation with the testing headquarters of the Schweizer Psychologen AG in Bern, we execute a special psychological screening test (DIN 33430) during the recruiting process. The objective is to identify - apart from the hard skills of a person - the emotional competence and so to speak the key qualifications of the candidate.

  • Bochumer Inventary for the job-related description of personality (BIP)

  • Professional assessment by computer for training and selection (pro facts)

For more information, please contact us.

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