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Seminars and Courses

Knowledge is success and you determine how big the success is!
Interactive seminars and courses

It is one of the biggest challenges in our daily business routine to provide and develop knowledge while facing time, cost and quality needs and transform this knowledge into concrete target oriented actions or use it to reach sales figures, innovation processes and objectives of growth. To help you cope with this, we have conceived various training concepts and types for you:

Interval trainings: Trainings that last several weeks or months according to a defined time table with events and activities. Thus, you have the possibility to immediately apply what you have learned in your working environment and think it over during the next training. These programs quickly create progress and sustainable change of behavior.


Compact trainings: Trainings of one of several days providing knowledge of specific topics in a consolidated and compact way, leading to significant optimization of your performance within a short period of time.

Our trainings and seminars at a glance
  • Personnel management and cooperation

  • Conflict management

  • Change management

  • Staff recruitment and selection

  • Learning, understanding, memory training and success

  • Complaint management – or – how to win clients!

  • Directing meetings and meeting techniques

  • Communication (verbal and non-verbal)

  • Employee interview

  • Telephone communication - The business card of a company

  • Time management

  • Speeches and presentations (basics)

  • Didactics / methods / interaction / group dynamics

  • Moderation and presentation

  • Networking

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