Help people help themselves - GROW yourself

You are a person with great ambitions and would like to become an outstanding and successful personality in one or even more areas? Sometimes it only takes time, the knowledge and network, to take off besides your daily work in your professional and private life.


Coaching is a consulting approach supporting superiors or specialists in their external expression. First of all, however, the way towards you inner self  has to be clear. What do you really want and why? You will learn, to overcome topics that you might have perceived as  deficits, obstacles or barriers. You will find answers to the following questions: Why are you doing this with somebody and what are you doing it for? It will be a timely limited course with the objective "help people help themselves". We will grow your ressources and will work our problem solutions and changes for your daily life.


By combining individual, supporting objectives and personal guidance the coach will function as a neutral feedback provider and help the client to develop solutions on his own. The coach will not take over the work of the client but help him mainly on the level of process. The basis for this is a solid work relation based on free will.


Coaching usually aims at strengthening responsibility, consciousness and self reflexion. These phrases that sometimes may sound trivial have their origin in the conviction that the coach helps the coachee to become aware and make use of possibilities. The existing abilities and knowledge of the coachee is used and developed so that he will not need a coach after the coaching.


The coachee is responsible for himself: The coach does not provide solutions, but is a neutral partner for conversation and interaction who opens up, facilitates and accompanies the individual process of development. In a nutshell: The coachee is an expert for his problems and solutions, the coach is an expert for the way to the solution. Our coaching is based on the fundamental principals and methods of the systematic approach.


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