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LDPI - measuring success

Leadership Development Process Inventory - measuring success
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Leadership development is enormously under pressure. Unlike in most fields of investment there is no need to justify the benefit of the invested money. A satisfaction analysis is mostly sufficient, even if it does not give a clear picture of the actual effects. A satisfaction analysis done i.e. through happy sheets is subjective and focusses on one single measure only but not on the process that corresponds to the leadership development. A development process is about finding out objectively what has changed and in what way the success derives from it. So far, however, neither any significant criteria of measurement have been applied nor has been made a return of investment analysis in order to prove the success.

Owing to our new leadership development process inventory (LDPI) it is now possible to show the benefit and the rentability on the basis of scientifically approved criteria. Learn more about the LDPI and how you can use it to become an explicit essential factor of success in the company.

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