Project Management

Part of the success of a company

In many organisations project management plays an important role for the success. Product life cycles that are getting shorter while competition is getting harder and a constant cost pressure - these are the challenges that companies are facing today. Organisations often do not have the necessary ressources or abilities to lead and operate projects professionally.  In a world that is changing faster and faster the ability to adapt to new situations will become the key factor to be successful and secure the future. Outstanding projects have to be executed target-oriented and fast together with the daily business. Project management is seen as a complex field within the management of organisations that needs a systemic approach in which processes, tasks, roles, instruments and methods are reviewed, defined and made use of. We provide project leaders who will be at your side to execute your project safely and successfully.


Our approach has proved in practice and is based on more than ten years of experience in consulting and project management and in direct project leads.




  • Formation of the team

  • Identification of the needes skills

  • Identification of the people involved

  • Management of ressources


Kick off

  • Definition of objectives and results

  • Identification of the tasks that have to be fulfilled

  • Definition of the organisation and responsibilities


Program planning

  • Setup of a priority list and corresponding actions

  • Initiate processes (actions)

  • Structure content of the processes in relation to context and dependencies

  • Clarification of the costs per process

  • Definition of the duration of process

  • Allocate ressources to each process

  • Definition of milestones (deadlines, achievements and quality)


Implementation of the work packages

  • Definition of objectives, results, organisation and responsibilities

  • Integration of divisions and persons with relevance to the project

  • Coordination with the supplier

  • Management of ressources

  • Change Management (supplements and/or exclusion – clarification of customer needs)

  • Guarantee needed infrastructure


Program controlling

  • Provide information on the new program cycle (update program plan)

  • Update list of tasks and project manual

  • Control of budget, performances and accounting

  • Informat the stearing committee  (Intervals and content to be defined)

  • Make requests (e.g. change requests)


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